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I'm so glad you're here

I genuinely enjoy getting to know the families I work with, and the more we learn about each other, the more fun our sessions become. I love to incorporate things that make you, you! Your favorite songs to dance to, favorite games to play, or favorite "lovies" to snuggle.
I focus on candid interactions shared between family members, and my images reflect a balance of posed portraits and beautifully natural moments.
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I love dogs

Guilty! We have the best doodle in the world, and I just love dogs of all sizes. If I'm in your home for a lifestyle session, I always welcome family pets to join. I love capturing newborns and kids with their furry best friends!

I love coffee. Specifically, iced.

I'm that person who needs iced coffee in the morning (yes, even in the winter!) I will always choose iced over hot, with nothing in it. Plain, with a shot of espresso makes every day better.

I (still) love my burned CD's and mix tapes.

Yup, and I still have them. I like everything from pop hits, to broadway musicals, country, 80's rock, and relaxing spa music.

If you arrive early to a studio session, you'll probably hear me singing along to an embarrassingly random playlist.

Your memories, preserved for a lifetime.

Your memories, preserved for a lifetime.